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Michele LaVigne: How language impairments affect criminal defendants

Wisconsin Public Radio

Posted Nov 12, 2019 by Law School News

Michele LaVigne: Language impairment made Brendan Dassey prime candidate for falsely confessing to murder

Wisconsin Law in Action

Posted Nov 1, 2019 by Law School News

Steve Wright and Carrie Sperling among 250 petitioning governor for Brendan Dassey's release

People Magazine

Posted Oct 25, 2019 by Law School News

Michele LaVigne's research on Brendan Dassey confession cited in clemency petition

WBAY - Green Bay

Posted Oct 3, 2019 by Law School News

Steven Wright: How Wisconsin responds to errors in the criminal justice system

Wisconsin Public Radio

Posted Aug 26, 2019 by Law School News

A California father seeks healing through restorative justice; Jonathan Scharrer comments


Posted Jun 9, 2019 by Law School News

Wisconsin's public defender shortage has created a constitutional crisis, says Michele LaVigne

The Appeal

Posted May 23, 2019 by Law School News

Four Milwaukee-area public schools are seeing a spike in police presence; Jonathan Scharrer weighs in

Fox 6 Milwaukee

Posted Feb 25, 2019 by Law School News

In False Positive, Keith Findley tells the story of a Wisconsin man's wrongful conviction

False Positive, a documentary focusing on the wrongful conviction and eventual exoneration of a Wisconsin man, is available for online viewing through Vox Media. The video follows the case of Robert Lee Stinson, who in 1985 was convicted of rape ...

Posted Feb 11, 2019 by Law School News

No one tested an innocent man's competency to plead; Steven Wright comments


Posted Jan 2, 2019 by Law School News

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