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At JOTWELL, Klingele article is liked (Lots)

The editors at JOTWELL: The Journal of Things We Like (Lots) are constantly on the lookout for thought-provoking scholarship. And the latest likable item comes from the UW Law School.

JOTWELL editor and UC-Berkeley Law School professor Jonathan Simon found a lot to like in Professor Cecelia Klingele's recent article, Changing the Sentence Without Hiding the Truth: Judicial Sentence Modification as a Promising Method of Early Release," recently published in the William & Mary Law Review.

In her article, Professor Klingele suggests that cash-strapped states looking for a way to reduce prison costs consider judicial sentence modification, which she describes as a transparent and publicly accountable means of early release.

Professor Simon praises Professor Klingele's article for addressing the politics of early release head on: "Klingele has absorbed the lessons of the politics of penal populism and is seeking to develop legal strategies for dealing with it. This article offers an incisive and convincing critique of the currently preferred path being taken by the states and offers a provocative and promising alternative."

The JOTWELL article is available here. Professor Klingele's article is available here.

Submitted by UW Law School News on October 28, 2016

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