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At the University of Wisconsin Law School Honors and Awards Brunch at Madison's Monona Terrace on May 14, 2004, the following awards were conferred on UW Law students:

Abe Sigman Award

For scholarship, character, and contributions to the Law School

Jerilyn Dietz

Ann Laatsch

Sarah Lawson

Melissa Malott

Kathryn Peacock

Annie Smith


Abner Brodie Award

For outstanding achievement in legal study and practical application of law

Sarah Maguire

Joseph Moschella


American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers Award

For dedication to Family Law and exhibiting the qualities that the American

Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers wishes to promote in the practice of

Family Law

Christina Isackson


American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers Leonard Loeb Award

For excellence in the study of Family Law and

dedication to community service

Hannah Renfro-Sargent


American Bankruptcy Institute Award

For the highest grade in bankruptcy courses

Rachel Caryn Steiner


American Bar Association/Bureau of National Affairs Health Law Award

For the highest grade in Health Law courses for 2003-2004

Jonathan Wertz

Derek Neathery

Ryan Zinkel


American Bar Association/Bureau of National Affairs Intellectual Property Award

For the highest grade in Intellectual Property Law for 2003-2004

Michael Langer

Paul Page

Kevin Wagner


American Bar Association/ Bureau of National Affairs Labor and Employment Award

For the highest grade in Labor and Employment Law courses for 2003-2004

Jennifer Grissom

Anna Hyer


American Indian Alumni Award

For outstanding achievement and service by Indian studentsRosalynde Alexander

Sarah Lawson

Sunshine Lemieux

Amanda Rockman


Andre M. Saltoun Prize

For special contributions to the Wisconsin Law Review

Kyle Gulya

Sarah Maguire

Rebecca Perlmutter

Renee Servance


Association of Women Lawyers

For academic excellence and outstanding service to the Law School and general community

Jessica Shoemaker


Barbara B. Crabb Award

For promoting the ideals of honesty, fairness and equality under the law

Jennifer Tobin


Bercovici Prize for Jurisprudence and Legal Philosophy

For the highest grade in Jurisprudence and Legal Philosophy

John Baggaley

Mary Collins


Bernard Berk Memorial Award

For outstanding contributions to the economically disadvantaged

Andrea LaMothe

Scott Mikesh

Adrian Renner


Brown v. Board of Education Award

For student with outstanding commitment to equal educational opportunity and social justice

Renee Servance


Bruce F. Beilfuss Memorial Award

For outstanding service to the Law School

Stephen Borgsdorf

Melinda Campos

Julia Carian

Michael Hall

Amanda Lowerre

Kelly McDermott

Lance Nelsen

Jesse Padilla

Jini Rabas

Greg Renden

Anthony Sankey

Notesong Srisopark Thompson


Catherine Manning Memorial Award

For outstanding contribution to the Legal Assistance to Institutionalized Persons Program

Christina Isackson

Daniel Grady Award

To the top ranking student in the graduating class

Jessica Shoemaker


Don A. Olson Memorial Award

For an outstanding student leader

Kerry Clancy

Mary Delaney

Cecelia Klingele

Jeff LaValle


Ford Motor Company Leadership Award

For outstanding leadership and dedication to promoting respect for all people

John W. Olson


Frederick C. Suhr Award

For dedication to community service & equal access to the law

Brian Larson


George Laikin Award

For best article on a general topic in the Wisconsin Law Review

John Laubmeier


Gwynette E. Smalley Law Review Prize

For scholarship and service to the Wisconsin Law Review

David Knauss

Laura Schulteis


Gordon Baldwin Scholarship Award

For excellence in criminal justice law

Lesli Pluster


Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy Editorial Board

Eric Tempelis


James J. and Dorothy T. Hanks Memorial Award

For excellence in the study of Corporate Law

Hoang The Pham


Jefferson Davis Award in Constitutional Law

For the highest grade in Constitutional Law for Fall 2003

Sheila Sullivan


Julie Strasser Scholarship

For demonstrated concern for the needy and work to benefit society

Ramon Alvarado

Lissa Koop

Sara Opichka

Scott Paler

Sarah Schmeiser

Katherine Held Memorial Prize

For outstanding contributions to Wisconsin Women's Law Journal

Hannah Renfro-Sargent

Sarah Van Horn Helvey


Leon Feingold Memorial Award

For outstanding commitment to the Law School and greater community

Jose Sentmanat

Mathys Memorial Award for Appellate Advocacy

To outstanding oralists in Moot Court Competition

Christian Lee

Mariam Mokri

William Pole


Mathys Memorial Award for Appellate Advocacy

For outstanding service to the Moot Court Board

Aaron Berndt


Mary Kelly Quackenbush Memorial Award

For outstanding student articles in the Wisconsin International Law Journal

Murali Jasti


Melvin J. Friedman Memorial Scholarship

For exemplary work in the Wisconsin Innocence Project

Sheila Sullivan


National Association of Women Lawyers Award

For commitment to advancing women in the profession of law

Kelda Roys



Phillip Owens Memorial Award

For scholarship and community service

Megan Morrisey

Andrew Norman

Carlos Ortiz


Ray and Ethel Brown Award

For character, leadership and service by first or second year students

Cara Coburn

Mary Beth Collins

Adrian Dresel -Velasquez

Erin Freiberg

Jennifer Grissom

Samantha Kading

Lucy Kronfrost

Nathan Lundby


Lesli Pluster


Ruth B. Doyle Award

For student contributions to the Law School community

Benjamin Mellors


Salmon Dalberg Award

To an outstanding member of the graduating class

Binu Palal


State Bar of Wisconsin Environmental Law Essay Prize

For the best essay on a topic in environmental law

Ericka Scarpace


Vicki and Brent Orrico Scholarship

For leadership, character, initiative and service to the Law School and greater community

Alexis Highsmith

Gozie Oneyma

William Rosales


William Herbert Page Award

For outstanding contribution to the Wisconsin Law Review

Brian Cahill


Wisconsin Lawyers Mutual Insurance Company

For the top ranking student in Professional Responsibilities

John Francis Turck


Wisconsin Public Interest Law Foundation's Jackie Macaulay Award

For demonstrating exceptional commitment to Public Interest Law

Katherine Teitgen


Dean's Academic Achievement Award Winners

Chad Michael Anthony

Louis B. Antonacci

Eric G. Barber

Chad Gerald Bartell

Avram A. Berkson

Laura Alicia Breun

Matthew Victor Burkert

Benjamin Carl Butler

Roberta L. Charles

Kerry L. Clancy

Hayden O. Creque

Josh N. Dalley

Glen R. Drysdale

Lisa Frey Evans

Bridget M. Finke

Michael P. Gallagher

Teresa A. Germain

Natalie Christine Giugno

Susan Beth Gloss

Ivan J. Hannibal

Ryan E. Hatch

Ryan William Heinemann

Ryan Stuart Holtan-Murphy

Thomas Jennings Holter

Christina M. Isackson

Margit Sandor Kelley

Meredith C. Keyes

Sol T. Kim

Sarah Anne Kolodziej

Michael Richard Langer

Jeffrey J. LaValle

Christian Douglas Lavers

Rachel Anne Lohrey

Christopher Linn Malloy

Benjamin H. Mellors

Daniel Jeffrey Meunier

Chad Ryan Minder

Michael S. Murray

Christopher John Pahl

Binu G. Palal

William E. Parsons

Kathryn M. Peacock

Rebecca Ann Perlmutter

Olya Petukhova

Hoang The Pham

Ryan Michael Quinn

Ann Elizabeth Rabe

Hannah L. Renfro-Sargent

Ericka Lea Roethe

Kelda Helen Roys

Elizabeth Marie Ryan-Panzer

Ericka K. Scarpace

Jeffrey Robert Schneider

Jared M. Sechrist

Jose M. Sentmanat

Laura Patricia Sette

Jessica Shoemaker

Matthew James Smyth

Daniel J. Stangler

Rachel Caryn Steiner

Kelly Jean Stohr

Elizabeth Ann Street

Sheila Sullivan

Katherine Elizabeth Teitgen

Jennifer J. Tobin

Leon W. Todd III

John Francis Turck IV

Kevin P. Wagner

Robert Wagner

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