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Linda Greene Contributes to New York Times Forum on Legal Education

Linda Greene joined a recent New York Times' online opinion forum, Room for Debate, to discuss law school and the approach to a legal education in the United States.

The forum observed that despite the rising cost of a law school education, students are still entering law schools in great numbers. It posed the question: Should the standard three-year law school model, followed by passage of the bar exam, be the only path to a legal career?

In her response, "A Priceless Degree," Greene comments, "The important question may not be cost but, rather, access. What will we do to insure that talented people from all groups in our society, especially those historically excluded, have access to this course of study about the arrangements of power? And how do we insure that all groups in society, including our public and governmental institutions, enjoy the services of our brightest and best prepared?"

To view the New York Times forum article, click here.

To read Greene's full response, click here.

Submitted by UW Law News on October 28, 2016

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