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Sarah Davis responds to LGBT Chamber of Commerce endorsement of health insurance plan

In Our Lives magazine, Sarah Davis addresses a reader’s question regarding the Wisconsin LGBT Chamber of Commerce endorsement of a new health insurance program.

Davis concludes: “It is human nature to want simple solutions to complex problems. I commend the Wisconsin LGBT Chamber of Commerce for its efforts to address escalating health costs, but caution it to consider all factors that impact health care spending. A multi-dimensional approach is needed. Individual health and the health of our community is based upon more than the individual choices we make. It is shaped by public policy, by economics, and by the bias—including homophobia and racism—that we experience every day. It is affected by the support (or lack thereof) of community, state, and national leaders, and by the world we live in.”

Read Davis’s full response, “Explaining Health Care,” on page 6 of the November/December issue of Our Lives.


Submitted by Law School News on November 21, 2017

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