Amber Renee Quinlan 2L was the winner of the 2023 Best Brief Competition. Her brief was selected as the best appellate brief written for the Spring 2023 Legal Research and Writing course.

In addition to Quinlan, the finalists included Mary Berg, Christopher Hovel, Benjamin Sevart and Frederick Yates.

The competition, sponsored annually by the University of Wisconsin Law School Legal Research and Writing Program, recognizes outstanding legal writing by first-year students. 

The Best Brief award involves three rounds of competition. First, Legal Research and Writing faculty select the best appellate briefs written by their students. Next, a panel of Wisconsin lawyers evaluate the semi-finalists’ briefs and choose the finalists. The finalists’ briefs are then judged independently by a panel of Law School faculty, who determine the winner.

Headshot photo of Amber Renee Quinlan smiling at the camera. She has light brown hair, light skin, blue eyes, and she is wearing a dark blue blazer while standing in front of a swirling gray background.
Amber Renee Quinlan

Submitted by Law School News on April 12, 2024

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