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Five Things We Love about Keyon Brown

We 'Heart' Our Students: Keyon Brown

1. Playing defensive end for the Purdue Boilermakers turned him into an early bird.

"During all four years of undergrad, I had to get up early for football practice. I didn’t like it then, but I’ve come to appreciate having the discipline to wake up at 5:30 or 6 a.m. and get to work. Nowadays, I start early and stay focused throughout the day. That has definitely helped with my success in law school."

2. He’s combining assets — by earning a dual degree in law and business.

"I earned my degree in business management at Purdue, and then I got my real estate license. While deciding on my next step, between business school and law school, I worked as a broker in Chicago. I ended up coming to law school after I talked with my brother, who is an attorney. But I’m applying to UW’s MBA real estate program for the spring semester. I figure that a legal background, combined with a business background, will be a valuable asset as I move forward in the real estate industry."

3. He has (property) values.

"I’m interested in developing quality affordable housing. Someday I’d like to start a nonprofit to redevelop blighted areas and create productive economic centers that incorporate low-income housing. Another smaller scale idea I had for a nonprofit is to buy foreclosed homes in short sale and rent them back to the homeowner or to low-income families."

 Brown (95) played defensive end for
the Purdue Boilermakers

4. His entrepreneurial spirit runs in the family.

"My grandmother is definitely one of my role models. She was a teacher and a professor, so everything she did business-wise was geared around education. Before she passed away, she started and ran her own education company, which developed computer-based learning tools for classroom use. The way she conducted herself and the way she was involved in the community influenced my career goals and what I want to do with my life."

5. He’s a man of mystery.

"In three words, I’d describe myself as ambitious, kind and … I don’t know if mysterious is the word I want to use. People always want to know what I’m thinking, and I never tell them. My mind is always going, but I listen a lot more than I talk. I really only voice my opinion when I feel I have to. In fact, you probably know a lot more about me now than anyone else in the Law School (laughs).

"All right, let’s go with mysterious."

Submitted by Kelsey Gusho on February 9, 2015

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