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Clinical Associate Professor; Director, Public Defender Project

John  Gross

Room 4318F, Law School

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John P. Gross is a Clinical Associate Professor of Law at the University of Wisconsin Law School and Director of the Public Defender Project. Professor Gross teaches courses in criminal law, criminal defense and trial practice.

Professor Gross began his legal career as a staff attorney with the Legal Aid Society in New York City. After eight years as a public defender, he joined the faculty of Syracuse University College of Law as a Practitioner in Residence and subsequently became Director of their Criminal Defense Clinic. Professor Gross left Syracuse to become Indigent Defense Counsel for the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers where he worked on indigent defense reform and authored a series of reports documenting the failings of indigent defense delivery systems. Professor Gross then joined the faculty at the University of Alabama School of Law where he directed their criminal defense clinic for several years before joining the Defender Association of Philadelphia as their Director of Policy and Practice prior to joining the faculty at the University of Wisconsin Law School.

Professor Gross’s academic research focuses on the structure of indigent defense systems, criminal defense, and police policies and practices regarding the use of force.

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  • John Gross published a blog post entitled, "Why Our Public Defense Systems Are Collapsing," for The National Association for Public Defense on June 6, 2023. Read the post

  • John Gross published "The Right to Hybrid Representation in Criminal Court" in the Ohio State Law Journal Online, which focuses on Darrell Brooks' complaint that he was denied standby counsel for assistance when he chose to defend himself.

  • To mark the 60th anniversary of Gideon v. Wainwright, the Supreme Court's landmark decision on the right to counsel, John Gross published "Reframing the Indigent Defense Crisis" in the Harvard Law Review Blog. Read the article

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