Louise Trubek

Clinical Professor Emerita


B.S., University of Wisconsin
J.D., Yale Law School


Louise G. Trubek is an Emerita Professor at University of Wisconsin Law School. A graduate of the University of Wisconsin and the Yale Law School, Louise is an active scholar in the fields of public interest law around the world, social justice advocacy, clinical legal education, the legal profession and poverty law.  

Recent publications include “Global Pro Bono: Causes, Consequences and Contestation,” co-authored with Cummings and Sa e Silva, a study of public interest law around the world (Cambridge University Press, 2022.) and “Clinics at Wisconsin: In-Depth Pedagogy and Bottom-Up Innovation” with Keith Findley (2021 Wisconsin Law Review 409). She also co-authored with “The Emerging Legal Architecture for Social Justice” with Professor Luz Herrera (published in 44 NYU Rev. L & Soc. Change 355, 2020).

Other recent publications include "Social Justice Advocacy and Innovation: The Wisconsin Center for Public Representation 1974-Present" and "Transformations in Health Law Practice: The Intersection of Changes in Healthcare and Legal Workplaces" (with Barbara Zabawa and Paula Galowitz). Past work includes studies of regulation and governance in the European Union and the United States, and health law. 

Current research includes issues of equity in urban housing. She is also writing about her experiences as a student activist at the University of Wisconsin in the 1950s. 

Louise was a Visiting Professor at Harvard Law School (2002-03) and has been a Lecturer in Law at Seton Hall. She has served on the Board of Directors of the Law and Society Association and was awarded the LSA Legacy Award in 2021. 


Scholarship & Publications


Law Repository

Research Interests

  • Health Law and Policy
  • United States and Global Public Interest Law
  • Regulation and Governance
  • Transnational Public Interest Law
  • United States and Global Public Interest Law
  • Access to Justice
  • Legal Profession
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