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Sarah Coyne is a partner at Quarles & Brady.  She guides her clients through regulatory compliance concerning health care information and technology and in forging agreements on behalf of physicians and other health care providers that comply with the regulations defined by the Stark, Anti-Kickback, and False Claims Acts, helping to maximize reimbursements while minimizing risks. She also deals regularly with patient safety and quality-of-care issues involving disputes with physicians, patient claims and complaints, medical staff bylaws and organizational structures, and other issues that tend to fall outside of regulatory compliance guidelines. She is a go-to attorney for all things legal that pertain to hospitals, but her knowledge and experience span multiple areas within health law, and she is a highly valued resource to the gamut of clients in the health & life sciences industry. Rural and small-community hospitals particularly will not find a more informed and better-prepared advocate than Sarah, and she also is part of a group of Quarles attorneys who understand, as well as or better than anyone, how HIPAA and Wisconsin State law interact.

As the chair of the Quarles Health & Life Sciences Practice Group, Sarah oversees a nationally recognized team of lawyers that represents a "one-stop shopping experience" for virtually any client in the health care industry, dealing with matters from labor & employment to pharmacy, litigation, real estate, intellectual property, data privacy, and, yes, health law itself.

Health care as a career transcends the law in Sarah's case. She began professional life as an occupational therapist, who cared so much about her patients that she conducted research on laws and regulations concerning their maladies on her own time, and she enjoyed it so much that she decided to go to law school. She loves working with hospital administrators to avoid regulation traps and encumbrances and takes great satisfaction in successfully doing so. She also wields a deft pen, writing updates on health law that her clients greatly enjoy reading!

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