William Whitford

Professor Emeritus


LL.B., Yale Law School


Professor William Whitford joined the University of Wisconsin Law School faculty in 1965 and has taught a wide range of business law subjects since then.  Lately he has taught chiefly in the Contracts area.  His research interests have included Contracts, Bankruptcy, Consumer Protection and Taxation. 

Professor Whitford has also taught several years in East Africa and maintains an active interest in that area of the world.

He has been actively engaged with the Law School's Legal Education Opportunity Program (LEO) over many years and describes it as one of his passions.

Professor Whitford's leisure-time activities include cooking, biking and backpacking.

Scholarship & Publications


Law Repository


  • Bill Whitford presented "Partisan Gerrymandering: How It's Done, Its Consequences and What We Can Do About It," at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay in September 2020. His talk was part of the university's Constitution Day observance.

  • Bill Whitford's article, “Failing to Respect the Passive Virtues: A Critique of RNC v. DNC,” was published on the Election Law Blog in April 2020.

  • Bill Whitford presented “Partisan Gerrymandering: Its Methods, Consequences and Future” in Madison on October 27, 2019. His talk was part of “Eloquence and Eminence: Emeritus Faculty Lectures,” an award-winning series sponsored by the Division of Continuing Studies, the Institute on Aging and the UW Anonymous Committee.

  • Bill Whitford presented "Political Gerrymandering: Wisconsin is Ground Zero" at the 2017 Come Together Conference, "Empowering Lawyers and Activists with Tools for Change," held in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.

  • Papers from a festschrift honoring Bill Whitford's scholarship have been assembled and published in the October 2015 issue of Temple Law Review. The volume includes 14 articles and a tribute from Sen. Elizabeth Warren, originally presented at the symposium, "The (Un)Quiet Realist: Building and Reflecting on the Contributions of Bill Whitford," hosted by Temple University in October 2014.

  • William Whitford and Stewart Macaulay posted their co-authored paper, “Hoffman v. Red Owl Stores: The Rest of the Story,” on SSRN (the Social Science Research Network) as a working paper.

  • William Whitford is co-editor of the new book Consumer Credit, Debt and Bankruptcy: Comparative and International Perspectives, released by Hart Publishing and co-edited by Johanna Niemi and Iain Ramsay in 2009. Essays in the collection address topics including mortgages, credit binges, the regulation of consumer lending, insolvency, repayment plans, and debt counseling.

Teaching Areas

  • Bankruptcy
  • Consumer Law
  • Contracts
  • Tax
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