5.1  Computer Labs

Please see more on the campus info lab program to find nearby computer labs.  The InfoLab program also loans out laptops to students.

5.2  Backup your DATA!

It is recommended to take advantage of the campus subscriptions to back up your files.  Using your NetID and password through SSO you can use the campus subscription to Google Drive or Microsoft's OneDrive, setting up Google Drive, setting up OneDrive.  These are perfect for backing all your files while here at the Law School and also allow files to be cached locally on your computer when setup.  These services will be available while you are a student.

5.3  Printing

The Copy Shop (2nd floor, Room 2115) has printing available for $0.06 per black and white page and for $0.20 per color page. Send print jobs to copyshop@law.wisc.edu and they'll let you know when it is ready for pickup.  Payment can be made by credit card.  The library also has printing available in its fifth floor Copy Center using WiscCard accounts. For full details please see "Scanners, Copiers, and Printers" in Chapter 6 of the Student Handbook.

5.5  Public Access Computers

There are several computer workstations in the Law Library available to the public (i.e. login free) for legal research purposes. More information can be found on the Law Library Technology FAQs page.

5.5  Wireless Networking

Wireless access is available throughout the Law School.  Use either the "UWNet" or "eduroam" wireless network.

5.6  Support for Your Personal Computer

The Tech Staff located in room 2115 are here and will diagnose issues with your personal computer.  They’ll diagnose if it is something they can help with directly or provide more information on the best resource to make your computer operational. Campus also provides support through the Division of Information Technology's Help Desk. 

5.7  Resources for Student Organizations

5.7.1  Computers and Technical Support

The Student Bar Association and the Moot Court Board as well as the three registered Law School student journals (Wisconsin Law Review, Wisconsin International Law Journal, and the Wisconsin Journal of Law, Gender, & Society ) have office space and computers provided by the Law School. Support for these computers can be obtained through the Help@Law Technology Services department of the Law School (608-262-5242, help@law.wisc.edu).

5.7.2  Email Lists

All student organizations can establish an email list of members and a general contact email address for the organization more information is available after registering your student organization.

5.7.3  Websites

All student organizations can host a website through the campus student org webserver more information is available after registering your student organization.

5.8  Email and Web Portal Access

5.8.1  Obtaining and Activating Your NetID

The University of Wisconsin's Division of Information Technology (DoIT) provides all students, faculty, and staff with a “NetID,” which provides access to a free email account and the My-UW Madison web portal. See Section 5.9.3 for more details.  To activate your NetID, go to my.wisc.edu, click “Activate your NetID,” and follow the online instructions.

5.8.2  Accessing Your Email

UW email accounts can be accessed a variety of ways and using the web client is recommended. Campus email is hosted on Office365, but the easiest way to access is by login into email.wisc.edu with your NetID which will take you to your official campus @wisc.edu Office365 email account.

5.8.3  Accessing the My UW-Madison Web portal

The Web portal provides an array of personalized services for students. From any Web browser, you can access email and use a campus-wide calendar system to schedule meetings and appointments. You can use My UW-Madison to enroll in classes, monitor the status of your financial aid application, review your course grid, and check on library fines or holds. Access MyUW.

5.8.4  Forwarding Mail to Another Account

You also may forward your UW email account to another account and retrieve your mail from there. Forwarding will be done from the Office 365 web client, in the settings section. Full instructions for Forwarding Email.

5.8.5  Law School Email Lists

The Law School maintains an email list of all law students for dissemination of administrative information. In many cases, information is circulated only via email so it is important for you to check your email frequently. These messages will be sent to your University email address.  If you typically use a non-University email address, you should set up a forward of your University email to the one you use most frequently.  The lists are populated each fall in late August using university records of Academic Level (e.g. “P1,” “P2,” “P3” for 1L, 2L and 3L based on credits, not number of semesters, respectively).  These lists are frozen until the following fall, at which point all lists will be updated to reflect the current academic level as of late August.

Students who graduate in December and May will stay on the lists to see important OCPD announcements until end of August.

Your Academic Record shows your academic level for each semester, including the current term. If your academic level changes during the school year you will remain on the email list on which you began the year which typically has the most relevant information. View the UW Registrar's "How To" for Academic Records.

5.9  Technology Policies

The University of Wisconsin's Guidelines for Appropriate Use of Information Technology applies to Law School users. By accessing the Law School's wireless network, using campus software licenses or by using any Law School- or University-owned computing equipment, users implicitly agree to campus technology use policies which as a general statement are only for your personal use for academic related activities.  For details please see the full text at UW-Madison Responsible Use of Information Technology Policy.

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