Wisconsin China Initiative holds Annual Advisory Board Meeting

The Wisconsin China Initiative is holding its Annual Advisory Board Meeting on Thursday, Oct. 10.  The WCI will be welcoming its new chair, Wade Fezter III, and a list of new members.

"We want to make sure our students have a variety of opportunities to experience and understand China as a rising economic power," said Wade Fetzer, III, who recently accepted the Division of International Studies' invitation to lead the board.  "I am very passionate about the mission of this board."

In his new role as WCI Board Chair, Mr. Fetzer has been working together with Faculty Director Professor Nicole Huang to increase participation in the board, which now has 24 members from across the United States and China region.

Along with its Advisory Board, the WCI also has a Leadership Committee of 16 UW-Madison faculty and staff, which Professor Huang Chairs.  The East Asian Legal Studies Center Director, John Ohnesorge, currently serves as a chair on the Leadership Committee with the WCI, and has chaired the WCI for four years, while the EALSC Senior Director, Charles Irish, has also been a board member in years past.

"A strong and engaged board is essential to the success of the Wisconsin China Initiative," said Professor Huang.  "Focusing on the rejuvenated board is one of our top priorities."

At tomorrow's Annual Meeting, board members will discuss campus priorities for engagement with the China region and begin a discussion to generate ideas for a board fundraising campaign to create study abroad scholarships.

The Board will also meet the President and Vice President of the China Economic Forum, a student organization on campus and will focus on forming a China Center on campus to promote further cooperation between the UW students and China.

For more information about the Wisconsin China Initiative, visit them here.

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