Changing credits Spring 2008 (new form on-line)

A new on-line Course Change Request process now replaces the old Course Change Form and is to be used only after a deadline has passed. (deadline was Feb. 15) It should be used for changing credits, changing sections, and (adding or canceling pass/fail only for Non-Law Courses). Prior to changing credits, be sure to get approval from your instructor. These should be done by APRIL 18, 2008 for Spring 2008 courses) On-line Course Change Requests are accessed through your Student Center in My UW Madison (href=">">> by clicking on the 'Course Change Request' link in the enrollment area. Select what you want to do, click on SAVE your request and PRINT the request. (If you are saving more than one request, each request will need to be printed separately. ) Once appropriate signatures have been obtained, you will need to submit this "Course Change Request" to your Academic Dean's Office for final approval (bring the printout to Jane Ford Bennett, Rm. 5106, Law School)

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