Community Supervision Legal Assistance Project (CSLAP) Enrollment for Fall 2008 - Spring 2009

Community Supervision Legal Assistance Project (CSLAP) Academic Year Clinical Project Fall 2008 - Spring 2009 Open to Second and Third Year Students Fall 2008: 4-5 clinical credits (# 854/ Sec. 018) plus 2 credit seminar (# 907) Spring 2009: minimum of 2 clinical credits (# 854/Sec. 018) Apply by May 15, 2008 The Community Supervision Legal Assistance Project (CSLAP) provides a wide range of legal assistance to clients who are on community supervision (parole, probation, extended supervision) through the Wisconsin Department of Corrections' Division of Community Corrections. The clinic emphasizes an interdisciplinary approach to client representation. Law students work in collaboration with their clients, each other, and clinical faculty to develop and implement creative solutions to client re-entry problems, with the ultimate goal of assisting clients to successfully complete their community supervision. Specific areas of assistance have included family law matters (divorce, physical placement, child support), monetary obligations to the courts, government benefits, reinstatement of driver's licenses, debt issues, employment matters, questions concerning criminal sentences and supervision, and immigration concerns. (Course # 854/Sec.018) In the fall semester, CSLAP students enroll for 4-5 clinical credits (16-20 hours/week). They also enroll in a two credit seminar. The weekly seminar component explores the legal practice issues that arise out of the students' clients and their cases. Specific topics for exploration can include becoming and being a member of a professional community; examination of professional judgment; and identification of the most important skills, knowledge and values for lawyers. A central inquiry is whether and how students can create a law practice for themselves that is successful and meaningful. There are associated readings and journal writing.(Course # 907 counts toward 60 credit rule.) In the spring semester, students enroll for a minimum of 2 clinical credits. The students' main focus of the spring semester is completion of their work for their CSLAP clients.(Course # 854/Sec.018) To apply: Send Prof. Olingy an email outlining your reasons for wanting to participate in the project. (Please note any languages you speak of than English.) Applications are due by May 15, 2008. Prof. Olingy's email address is: If you would like to speak with Prof. Olingy to learn about CSLAP in greater detail, you can call her at 262-4870. Frank J. Remington Center University of Wisconsin Law School

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