Dual degree students should verify their tuition and fees for 2010-2011

Once a Law student formally starts a dual degree program, the student should pay tuition and fees that are based on the dual degree status, except for dual degree students combining Law and Public Health.  The rates for combined programs for 2010-2011 are posted on the web site of the campus Registrar at http://www.registrar.wisc.edu/tuition_&_fees.htm.  Students combining Law and Business degrees pay a different rate than students combining Law with a Graduate program such as the La Follette School of Public Affairs.

The special tuition and fee rate applies to all semesters after campus knows that the student is pursuing dual degrees, even if the student is full-time in only one program for a period of time.

Dual degree students should check their tuition and fees against the special rates. If you have questions, please contact me at 262-8557 or rrobarts@wisc.edu.

Submitted by Ruth Robarts, Assistant Dean for Student & Academic Affairs on September 9, 2010

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