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   Greetings!  This is a follow-up to my message of March 24th.  Registration for the Fall 2009 Semester is approaching.  Rising third-years (i.e., current 2Ls) and non-graduating third-years will generally be able to begin Web Enrollment on Monday, April 6th; rising second-years (current 1Ls) will be able to begin Web Enrollment on Tuesday, April 7th.

Please read this multi-part message carefully. 

(1) As you are probably aware, the on-line Fall 2009 Course Schedule is available at:
http://law.wisc.edu/academics/courses/   (Click on "Fall 2009 Course Schedule").  If you need to re-acquaint yourself with how the read the on-line course schedule, please refer to Section 2.4 of Read This First.  Note that scheduling details with respect to a small number of courses are still being determined.  Once enrollment starts, e-mail advisories will follow with respect to any newly-added courses or other significant information.  Changes with respect to various details of courses already listed appear highlighted in yellow in the on-line course schedule.

(2) The Process.  Web Enrollment for non-graduating 3Ls & rising 3Ls (current 2Ls) will commence on Monday, April 6th.  Any 3L or rising 3L who does not register on that date will be competing for courses with rising 2Ls.  Web Enrollment for rising 2Ls (current 1Ls) will commence on Tuesday, April 7th.  You should have received an e-mail from the University Registrar informing you of when your earliest registration time will be.  (If you have not received such an e-mail, you can check your registration time on your My UW portal).

(3) The Required Courses.  Just to re-iterate what is already on the on-line schedule (in the "Notes" column), the following courses in the following areas required for either Diploma Privilege or graduation, are being offered in Fall 2009 for 2Ls and 3Ls. 

Professional Responsibility Requirement
Professional Responsibility [Cagle]
Professional Responsibility: Ethics & Public Service [Mansfield]
Professional Responsibility [Streit]
L&CP: Ethical Issues Crim. Justice (Prosecution) [Kempinen]
L&CP: Ethical Issues Crim. Justice (Defense) [LaVigne]

Constitutional Law II Requirement
Constitutional Law II [Church]
Constitutional Law II [Church/Paff]
Constitutional Law II [Quraishi]
Religion & the Constitution [Althouse]
Sel. Prob. Con Law: First Amendment [Thain]
Sel. Prob. Con Law: Politics & Equality [Greene]
Sel. Prob. Con Law: 4th, 5th, 6th Amendment [Butler]
Sel. Prob. Con Law: 4th, 5th, 6th Amendment [Strang]

Wills & Estates Requirement
Trusts & Estates [Erlanger]

Evidence Requirement
Evidence [Schwartz]
Evidence [Hurley]

Jurisdiction of Courts Requirement
Civil Procedure II [Greene]
Civil Procedure II [Weston]
Federal Jurisdiction [Althouse]

Legal Process Requirement
Administrative Law [Tai]
Comparative Law [Hendley]
Jurisprudence [Kaplan]
International Law [Nafziger]
International Trade Law [Ibele]
Federal Law & Indian Tribes [Monette]
Sociology of Law [Huneeus]
Legal Process: Advanced Legal Analysis [Komesar]
L&CP: Public Law & Private Power [Rogers]
L&CP: Law, Theology & the State [Kaplan]

(4) "Consent of Instructor" courses.  The on-line Fall 2009 Course Schedule indicates, among other things, which courses require "Consent of Instructor."  If you desire to take one or more of these courses, you should contact the instructor concerned.  Instructors offering "consent" courses will make a list of approved students and forward same to the Law School Office.  When the Law School Office receives an instructor's list of approved students, registration authorizations will be entered and approved students will be contacted by e-mail and informed that they may then register for the course.

(5) Final Exams.  Final Exam dates (if applicable) will shortly be indicated in the Notes column if the course is currently scheduled for an in-school, proctored Final Exam (as opposed to a Take-Home Exam or Paper, etc).  I expect to have the exam dates up by close of business tomorrow (Thursday, April 2nd).

(6) First-year Fall-term Courses.  If you still need to take a 1L course (Torts I, Contracts I, Civ. Pro. I or Intro. to Substantive Criminal Law) in the Fall 2009 term, take a look on-line at the times of the large sections that will be offered.  Section size is indicated in the "Notes" column. You may e-mail your large section choice to Joanna Binsfeld at binsfeld@wisc.edu. (Note: if you are an evening-only part-time student, you may also request to be placed in the evening Criminal Law small section and/or the evening Contracts small section.)

(7) Credit Limitations.  Please recall that you are subject to an absolute limitation of 18 credits per semester.

(8) Need advice to help you select your courses? See the Curriculum Guide at
http://www.law.wisc.edu/current/selectingcourses.htm .  Whether you're a rising second-year student trying to plan the rest of your courses, or a rising third-year thinking about the most practical approach to your final semesters, the curriculum guide may offer some helpful information. Although there are no precise rules for selecting courses, there are various approaches and alternative ways to think about the curriculum.

(9) Miscellaneous.   Once you have registered, please do not rely on any University-provided listing of courses times, etc., that happen to conflict with those on the Law School's on-line schedule.  When in doubt, rely on the Law School's schedule, which is kept constantly up-to-date.  If you find that the University database has different information than the Law School's on-line course information, please inform Joanna Binsfeld at binsfeld@wisc.edu.

Finally, please remember that Read This First! contains a wealth of information about the Law School's curriculum and registration process (in Chapter 2) and the graduation and bar admission requirements (Chapter 4).

Thank you.

K. M. Kelly
Assistant Dean (Curriculum)

Submitted by Kevin Kelly, Assistant Dean (Curriculum) on April 2, 2009

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