Final exams continue unless campus closes

Weather reports for our area say that we may get some very heavy snow falls during the final exam period. We will continue to hold our final exams as scheduled, unless the UW Madison campus is closed.  Generally, the campus stays open on any day that the Madison Metro buses can operate.

Local news stations announce campus closings on a regular basis. You can sign up for UW campus closing alerts at these TV stations: Ch 3 (, Ch 15 (, and Ch 27 ( You can also check the UW-Madison web site for information about whether campus closing at

If the campus is closed, we will need to re-schedule the exams. I will send out e-mails about the re-scheduling as soon as I can in that case.

Again, if the campus is not closed, we will hold exams beginning at 8:30 a.m.. If necessary, we will start exams later in the morning for individual students. For example, if students live in areas where snow plowing is delayed, they should plan to come in on the same day for their exam but start a little later. To make this arrangement, call my office (262-8557).

We do not want any students taking unnecessary risks. If the weather conditions cause you not to be able to take your exam as scheduled, you should follow the same procedures as for other individual exam-time emergencies. Step one is to call my office (262-8557) before the start time for the exam. Tell me why you can't take the exam as scheduled.  I will return your call as soon as I can. Please remember to leave your phone number.

Please plan ahead and be very careful.

Submitted by Ruth Robarts, Assistant Dean for Students and Academic Affairs on December 7, 2009

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