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A few matters of note re applications for Diploma Privilege admissions for May 2008 graduates:

(1) The WI Board of Bar Examiners (BBE) has asked that all third-years be reminded that, re the Diploma Privilege Information & Filing Instructions, at the top of page two (under the heading "Filing of an Application") are some specific guidelines.  These must be read & complied with.  The BBE reports that students have been submitting applications without the proper form of payment and/or without the Authorization and Release Form.  Note that the Filing Instructions must be exactly followed for an application to be considered filed.

(2) Be advised that, if you intend on taking part in the June 9th UW Law School large-group swearing-in ceremony before the Wisconsin Supreme Court, you need to submit your BBE application asap.  This is because, as explained in Read This First (section 4.7.5), it can take up to three months to be cleared for admission.  Again, if you want to be sworn-in on June 9th, you are advised to get your application right away.

(3) Absolute Deadline: pursuant to Wisconsin Supreme Court Rules, you must file a bar admission application with the BBE no later than 30 days after your J.D. degree is conferred, or you may lose your opportunity for Diploma Privilege admission.  As the conferral date for May JD degrees will be May 17, 2009, please note that the deadline for submitting an application is at the close of business (4:30 p.m.) on Tuesday, June 16th, 2009.  Note that the BBE does not recognize postmarks.

(4) Finally, if you need a 2009 Diploma Privilege Character & Fitness Certification application, it is on-line at .  If you have any questions about the application process, please contact the BBE at (608) 266-9760 and ask for the Diploma Privilege area.

Thank you for your attention.

Submitted by Kevin Kelly on March 9, 2009

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