How to handle emergencies during final exams

 Students should call Ruth Robarts, Assistant Dean for Student & Academic Affairs, if they have emergencies during final exams, such as incapacitating illness, injury, family emergency or extreme weather problem.  They must call her office telephone (608-262-8557) before the exam starts. She will call them soon about re-scheduling. The answering machine takes messages 24/7. She may not get reach you before the exam begins, but  she will make changes in the schedule for all valid emergencies. Some situations require verification. They are: food poisoning (verification that student has sought medical help) and deaths (a way for the dean to get verification at a later date).

Students should also consider using these resources.University Health Services (UHS) is located in the new Student Services Tower in the University Square complex (333 East Campus Mall) and provides all medical, counseling, prevention, and pharmacy services in one location.  Counseling Services helps students who are experiencing personal stress, career concerns, family or interpersonal conflict, general anxiety, depression or other psychological concerns.  The phone number for general information and appointments for all services is 265-5600. There is also an after-hours crisis response service at the same number. More information about UHS is at

In addition, the State Bar of Wisconsin offers a 24 hour confidential hot line for law students (as well as licensed attorneys) having mental health, emotional health, substance abuse or other crises. The number is 800-543-2625. The service is known as WisLAP (Wisconsin Lawyer Assistance Program). Students can also call 608-250-6172 for information about this service.

Submitted by Ruth Robarts, Assistant Dean for Student & Academic Affairs on April 27, 2009

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