How to Change Variable Credit Courses

If you need to change your credit on a variable credit course, you may do so on-line in My UW until October 1 using "Edit."  For clinicals or Journals, check with your instructor/editor/supervisor first before doing so.

After October 1, credit changes are done on-line on a Course Change Request in the following way:

Check with your instructor first,.  Then, Go to  MY UW Student Center, click on COURSE ENROLLMENT, then TERM INFORMATION,  click on "Course Change Request", select Fall 2010, to the right, hit "continue, "find the course, put a check by it, enter in the credit change, SAVE, print it out and get a signature from the instructor/supervisor/editor (as proof they agree to the credit change)

Bring the form to Jane Ford Bennett in Rm. 5106 or place it in her mailbox.  Jane will go into the computer system and "approve" the credit change. 

Submitted by Joanna Binsfeld, Associate Student Services Coordinator on September 15, 2010

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