If campus closes, news will come out by 5 a.m. on 12/19

If the Madison campus will be closed tomorrow, Dec. 19, the local news make the announcement by 5 a.m. Watch for it on the UW home page (www.wisc.edu) or news sites.

If campus is closed tomorrow
, the Law School will also be closed. Students should not come to school expecting to take in-class exams if the campus is closed. We will contact you about the re-scheduling of the 12/19 Civ Pro I exam.  Disregard any news stories about exams being rescheduled for Saturday or Sunday. That is not the Law School's contingency plan.

If campus is not closed tomorrow, the Law School will continue with exams. Students with in class or take home exams should follow previous instructions, repeated below.


We will continue to hold Civ Pro I exams as scheduled beginning at 8:30 a.m. We will be able to start individual exams later in the morning, if necessary. If you can't get to the school tomorrow, call my office (262-8557) before the start time for the exam. Tell me why you can't take the exam as scheduled.  I will return your call as soon as I can.


We will continue to collect take home exams as scheduled. If you cannot get to campus during the day on Friday, December 19, you may submit your take-home exam electronically to me at rrobarts@wisc.edu. It will still be due by 4:30 p.m. If you're in Prof. Tai's Admin Law course, please follow the special instructions that I sent to your class.

Please plan ahead and be very careful.

Ruth Robarts

Submitted by Ruth Robarts, Assistant Dean for Student & Academic Affairs on December 18, 2008

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