Need to reschedule a fall exam?


Law students must take final examinations at the scheduled times, unless there are "extraordinary and compelling circumstances" or the Rules of the Law School specifically provide for re-scheduling.  See


The deadline for submitting a petition to re-schedule a final exam for fall 2010 is 4:30 p.m. on Monday, November 1. Petitions must be delivered Room 5105 or my mailbox on the fifth floor. Petitions are available at

 On the petition form, students should refer to the section of the rules that justifies the change of schedule or explain the "extraordinary and compelling circumstance".  In almost all circumstances, exams will be re-scheduled for a date very soon after the scheduled date. Exams are not re-scheduled for earlier dates.

I will review the petitions and notify students of my decision as soon as I can.

After November 1, I will only accept petitions based on emergencies or circumstances not known to the student before the deadline.

 Special circumstances:  If the emergency is food poisoning, the student must provide verification of a visit to a health-care provider regarding the illness. If the emergency is a death, students must provide verification of the death.  (I apologize for this requirement. It is, unfortunately, necessary.)

Special category: babies or medical procedures. Students expecting a baby in December should contact me to discuss ways to handle that kind of emergency. This includes fathers or fathers-to-be. Same for medical procedures scheduled during the exam period or that may occur during the exam period.

Fall exams begin on December 5 and end on December 21. Here is the schedule:

Please contact me with questions ( or 262-8557).  Please do not contact professors. In order to protect blind-grading, all re-scheduling of final exams is done through Student Services.

Submitted by Ruth Robarts, Assistant Dean for Student & Academic Affairs on October 13, 2010

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