Newsletter Offers RSS Feed

This week the Newsletter has a new look-- and now there are two ways to read it.

  1. Visit Each week you will receive an e-mail reminding you that the Newsletter is available online at this URL.
  2. Subscribe to Newsletter articles with an RSS reader (also known as a "news aggregator") and read the Newsletter alongside your favorite news websites or blogs. An RSS reader can monitor several websites for updates and then collect the updates in one place for you to read. Instead of visiting each website over and over to look for updates, check all of them at once with your RSS reader.
How to Subscribe First, you will need an RSS reader. Bloglines is the most popular service, but there are many, many RSS readers to choose from (a sampling listed in Wikipedia). Next, look for the orange button labeled "RSS 2.0" on the Newsletter main page (many websites use similar buttons labeled RSS or XML). Click it and you will see a page of XML code. Don't worry-- all you need is this page's URL (found in your browser's address bar). Select and copy it. Back in your RSS reader, go to "manage" or "add" a feed (exact terminology will depend on which reader you use). The URL you have copied is the info you will need to paste into the RSS reader to "subscribe" to the Newsletter. For More Information about RSS Technology Read UW Law Librarian Bonnie Shucha's article "RSS: It's About Time!" (PDF link: published in the December 2005 issue of "Connecting..."

Submitted by Rose Wallisch, Information Architect on March 3, 2006

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