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1) New Course: Law 940-022 Sports Law (Judge Phil Chavez). Meets 6:00-8:00 p.m. Tuesdays.  2 credits. Limit: 30 students. Call Number: 57027  Description: The class focus concerns today's legal and practical issues surrounding all aspects of sports including: the process of representing professional athletes, legal dynamics of front office politics, the governing body of the NCAA and other "hot-topic" issues. In addition, lectures will include hands-on professional sports contract negotiations in a role-playing setting, daily discussion of current legal events affecting sports and guest speakers with expertise in the various topics discussed. 

(2) New Course: Law 808-004: Advanced Legal Writing: Writing for Discovery (Attorney Bob Kasieta).  2 credits.  Limit: 12 students; meets 9:55-11:55 a.m. Fridays.  Call Number: 65197.  This is an especially relevant skills course for prospective litigators.

(3) New Course: Law 940-023 Privacy Law in the Information Age (UW System Attorneys Chris Ashley & Kellie Krake). 2-3 credits (3rd credit option is for extra paper).  Limit: 20 students; meets 5:40-7:40 p.m. Mondays. Call number: 57028. Course description:  This seminar-style course is about privacy --what it means to the courts, to the legislature, to the public, or whether it really means anything at all.  Through a variety of source materials, including case law, legislation, essays, and literature, the course examines constitutional and common law approaches to privacy issues in many contexts -- our persons, our homes, our workplaces, our schools, our computers and cyberspace.  It also includes cultural and comparative law dimensions of privacy.  The instructors make a concerted effort to weave current events and "hot topics" in privacy into the syllabus and class discussions.  Students are graded primarily on a final research paper, oral presentation of the paper in class, and on class participation that includes leadership of a class discussion on selected topics.  Pass/fail option is available.

(4) If you are a 3L or a 2L interested in taking Prof. Huneeus's International Law next term, there may be a few extra seats opening up.  The course meets 1:20-2:40 on Tues/Thurs.  If interested, send an e-mail by Wednesday, January 7th, to the following address: (& include on the subject line "International Law").  In your e-mail, state whether you are a 3L or a 2L.  You will be contacted in due course about whether you will be able to enroll. 

(5) Reminder: there are still seats available in the new course Food Law (Law 940-002) taught by Barry Levenson. An article on Mr. Levenson recently appeared in the Wisconsin State Journal:
Here is a course description: Our everyday encounters with food are not without profound legal implications. This course explores all aspects of the emerging specialized area of food law. These involve application of a myriad of principles from different disciplines, including constitutional law, torts, intellectual property, and administrative law. The course will also help students develop their brief writing and oral advocacy skills.

(6) Reminder: we have added the course Conflict of Laws (Law 820-001) taught by David Saltzman.  The course meets on MWF at 11:00-11:55; Call Number is 57015.  The course meets the Jurisdiction of Courts requirement for Diploma Privilege.

Thank you for your attention.  Happy New Year!

K. M. Kelly

Submitted by Kevin Kelly on January 6, 2009

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