Spring 2008 - How to Do Credit Changes

After February 15, credit changes must be done on the UW Registrar's website on a course change form as a credit change:

  1. Fill out the form at http://registrar.wisc.edu/forms/student/course_change_form.php
  2. Enter the number of credits that you want to take for the course. Print one copy.
  3. Bring the printout to Jane Ford Bennett, Rm. 5106

Jane Ford Bennett will look it over, stamp it and send it through for processing. Note: be sure to check with your instructor if you may change your credits especially for Clinicals, Law Review and Journals. These should be done by April 18, 2008. Here's the website: http://registrar.wisc.edu/forms/student/course_change_form.php

Submitted by Jane Ford Bennett, Senior Grade Reporter on March 13, 2008

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