Spring 2009 Web Registration & Course Information

Greetings. As you know, registration for the Spring 2009 Term is approaching early next week. 

By now, you will have been assigned a specific Web Enrollment time by the University Registrar.  You are responsible for being aware of the important information below. Please read carefully.

(1) The Process.  Web Enrollment for 3Ls will commence on Monday, November 10th.  Any 3L who does not register on that date will be competing for courses with 2Ls.  Web Enrollment for 2Ls will commence on Tuesday, November 11th. 

(2) The on-line Spring 2009 Course Schedule is available at: http://courses.law.wisc.edu/. (Click on "Spring 2009 Course Schedule").  If you need to re-acquaint yourself with how the read the on-line course schedule, please refer to Section 2.4 of Read This First.

(3) Additional courses & course details:  If additional courses are added, e-mail advisories will follow.  Changes with respect to details of courses already listed will appear highlighted in yellow in the on-line course schedule.  Information posted about particular courses is as accurate as possible.  However, you should remember to verify certain details important to you (such as grading, exams, or the availability of Pass-Fail) with the instructor when the class first meets at the start of the new term.

(4) Courses that reach enrollment capacity:  As courses become filled, I will be trying add more seats (for instance, by switching assigned rooms if possible).  There is no need to contact me to advise that a course is full.  In this regard, please keep in mind: (a) the Law School does not maintain "wait lists" (see Read This First sec. 2.3.4); and (b) some course enrollments are purposefully kept low by the instructor.

(5) "Consent of Instructor" courses.  The on-line Spring 2009 Course Schedule indicates, among other things, which courses require "Consent of Instructor."  If you desire to take one or more of these courses, you should contact the instructor concerned.  The instructors will make a list of approved students and forward same to the Law School Office, which will enter registration authorizations; approved students will then be contacted by e-mail and informed they may then register for the course.

(7) The Required Courses.  Just to re-iterate what is already on the on-line schedule (in the "Notes" column), the following courses in the following areas required for either Diploma Privilege or graduation, are being offered in Spring 2009 for 2Ls and 3Ls.

Professional Responsibility Requirement

Professional Responsibility sec. 1 [Kaiser]

Professional Responsibility sec. 2 [Kaiser]

Professional Responsibility [Streit]

Professional Responsibility [Schweitzer]

Constitutional Law I Requirement:

[Note: Con Law I is unlikely to be offered in Fall 2009; December 2009 grads should take this course in Spring 2009.  Con Law I is now a spring-only course]

Constitutional Law I [Church] (limit 15 2Ls/3Ls)

Constitutional Law I [Althouse] (limit 10 2Ls/3Ls)

Constitutional Law I [Snyder] (limit 15 2Ls/3Ls)

Constitutional Law I [Weston] (limit 15 2Ls/3Ls)

Constitutional Law II Requirement

Constitutional Law II [Althouse]

SP Con Law: 1st Amendment [Desai]

SP Con Law: Politics & Equality [Greene]

SP Con Law: Supreme Court Seminar [Church/Paff]

SP Con Law: 4th, 5th, 6th Amendments [Justice Butler]

SP Con Law: 4th, 5th, 6th Amendments  [Strang]

Wills & Estates Requirement

Trusts & Estates [Erlanger/Katele]

Evidence Requirement

Evidence [Strang] (limit 50 students)

Evidence [Schwartz]

[Note: students taking Prof Schwartz's Evidence section are especially encouraged, although not required, to enroll in one of three Trial Ad sections (Knutson; Schwartz; Hurley); the Trial Ad topics will "tie-in" with those covered in the Evidence section.]

Jurisdiction of Courts Requirement

Civil Procedure II [Greene]

Civil Procedure II [Weston]

Federal Jurisdiction [Coan]

Legal Process Requirement

[Note: Administrative Law, International Business Transactions, and International Tax now meet the Legal Process requirement; this applies retroactively if you already took one of these courses.]

Administrative Law [Ohnesorge]

L&CP: Sociology of Law [Macaulay]

L&CP: Chinese Law Seminar [Ohnesorge]

L&CP: Community Economic Development Law [Alexander]

Advanced Federal Law & Indian Tribes [Monette]

International Business Transactions [Yackee]

International Tax [Christians]

International Law [Huneeus] (Note: International Law (a 1L Elective) is currently closed; although some 2Ls/3Ls may be allowed in eventually --once all interested 1Ls have been accommodated; please wait for an early-December update re enrollment in International Law.)

(7) Final Exams.  Final Exam dates (if applicable) will shortly be indicated in the Notes column if the course is currently scheduled for an in-school, proctored Final Exam (as opposed to a Take-Home Exam or Paper, etc). 

(8) First-year Spring-term Courses. Part-time & transfer students, take note!  If you still need to take a Spring-term 1L course (Property or Introduction to Criminal Procedure) in the Spring 2009 term, take a look on-line at the sections that will be offered.  You may e-mail your choice to Jane Ford Bennett at jmford@wisc.edu.  If you still need to take Legal Research & Writing II, e-mail Mary Ann Polewski at polewski@wisc.edu.

(9) Credit-load limitation.  Remember that students are subject to an absolute limitation of 18 credits per semester.

(10) Need advice to help you select your courses? See the Curriculum Guide at

http://www.law.wisc.edu/current/selectingcourses.htmThe Guide gives you basic principles for selecting courses, different approaches to selecting upper-level courses, and also provides curriculum guides for specific areas of practice that describe academic programs for some practice areas.

(11) Curricular Areas of Concentration.  Links to information about four curricular concentrations (Criminal Law, Family Law, International Law, Labor & Employment Law, Estate Planning) appear at http://courses.law.wisc.edu/ .

(12) Miscellaneous.   Once you have registered, please do not rely on any University-provided listing of course times, etc., that happen to conflict with those on the Law School's on-line schedule.  When in doubt, rely on the Law School's schedule, which is kept constantly up-to-date.  If you find that the University database has different information than the Law School's on-line course information, please inform Jane Ford Bennett at jmford@wisc.edu.

Finally, please remember that Read This First! contains a wealth of information about the Law School's curriculum and registration process (in Chapter 2) and the graduation and bar admission requirements (Chapter 4).

Thank you.

K. M. Kelly

Assistant Dean (Curriculum)

Submitted by Kevin Kelly on November 14, 2008

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