Student Health Insurance Available for up to One Year after Graduation


To All Graduating 3L Students:

The SBA is not advocating for this ABA health insurance.  However, we do want to make this information available to 3L students that may be interested.  Please read the forwarded message below.

Numerous graduating third year law students who are either currently unemployed or on deferred employment have inquired about the availability of health insurance from the ABA Law Student Division. For many of these law student graduates, their current health insurance will expire this summer and without employer health insurance, they will be uninsured for an indefinite period of time.
The ABA Law Student Division health insurance plan with UnitedHealthcare Student Resources (UHCSR) offers a health insurance coverage extension for up to one year from the student’s graduation date PROVIDED the student is currently carrying this plan AND there is no break (lapse) in coverage between the date of graduation and the first day of this one-year extension.
Graduating law students who are not currently carrying this health insurance coverage with the ABA Law Student Division UHCSR plan may still qualify for the graduate extension by purchasing the last quarter of the health plan before graduating.  Enrollment in the plan prior to graduation is an ABSOLUTE requirement of the carrier. Students may view the health plan benefits at
For more information regarding this benefit and a pro-rated premium amount that will provide coverage for 12 months from the date of graduation, students may call UHCSR at 1-800-505-5450.
Two simple steps –
1. This program is offered to ABA Law Student Division members only.  If not currently enrolled in the ABA – students may join by calling 800.285.2221 or visiting
2. If not currently enrolled in UnitedHealthcare Student Resources – students should sign up now while still a student and before graduation for the last quarter (90 days) of the current plan, in order to be eligible for the graduate extension. Eligibility requires being a law student – not a graduate; being enrolled in an ABA-approved law school and being a member of the ABA.  Students enrolling (or already enrolled) must request the graduation extension which will expire one year from the student’s graduation date. Please keep in mind that there can be no break in coverage from the original plan and the extension. UHCSR will calculate a pro-rated premium for that graduation extension coverage. For a copy of the plan benefits, please visit
Because health insurance coverage is important, we encourage you to pass along this message to all third year graduating law students in your school.
Thank you.
The ABA Law Student Division

Submitted by UW Law School Newsletter Admin, on April 22, 2009

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