Wed 9/10, DROP deadline...

   Please note that tomorrow, Wednesday, Sept 10th, is the last day to drop a course without a "withdrawal" notice appearing on your transcript.

* If it is important to you, please double-check with your instructor to see if the pass-fail option is available in that course.  The pass-fail information reflected on the on-line course schedule might have changed since the course was posted.

* Similarly, if you intend to meet the Upper-level Writing Requirement in a particular course, double-check with your instructor on its availability.  FYI" the requirement details are reflected on this pdf form, which should be submitted at the completion of the semester:

* Finally, if it is important to you, you should re-confirm with your instructor whether the course will have a proctored final exam, a take-home exam, or some other alternative. 

Submitted by newsletter on September 9, 2008

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