Winner of 2009 Best Brief Competition

Kyle Fry has won the 2009 Best Brief Award for the best trial level brief written in the spring 2009 Legal Research and Writing course. 

In honor of this achievement, Mr. Fry will receive a plaque from Dean Ken Davis and his Legal Research and Writing teachers, Mullen Dowdal and Kim Peterson.

The process leading to Mr. Fry's selection involved three separate evaluation stages.  First, the teacher from each Legal Research and Writing section selected the best brief written in that section.  These briefs were reviewed and ranked by three Wisconsin lawyers.  The five briefs receiving the highest overall rankings were then reviewed independently by Law Professors Linda Greene, Judith Olingy, and Brad Snyder.  The best brief was determined based on their cumulative rankings.

The other four finalists in the competition were Larry Fogel, Erin Keesecker, Lincoln Loehrke, and Tom Rybarczyk. Congratulations to them and to all students chosen by their Legal Research and Writing teacher for writing the best brief in their section last spring.

Congratulations to Mr. Fry for winning the 2009 Best Brief Competition!

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