for 3Ls

Individual Sessions

·        Want to write an impressive course paper or law review article? 

·        Worried about your writing skill as you prepare for our upcoming work? 

You can schedule an individual session to work on these topics or any other writing concern.  To schedule an appointment, simply come by room 2378 and sign up for any available time.  If that is not possible, e-mail your request to me at mbray@wisc.edu.  If you want to schedule an appointment as soon as possible, list all the times available and I will pencil you in for the first time that would work for you. 

Got a short, specific question?  Just e-mail.

You can also e-mail your questions directly to me when an appointment isn’t needed.  I should get back to you within two work days.  If you do not get an answer within that time, please contact me again or call 263-5088 to make sure I got your query

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