Summer 2009 Courses


This summer, the Law School will offer a broad selection of course offerings, included various "core courses" and courses required for Diploma Privilege and/or graduation.  Numerous Clinical Programs, of course, will also be in operation.

A list of the courses currently being planned for Summer 2009 appears at the end of this message. One or two courses may still be added to the list & there are some opportunities for interested students to advise re certain scheduling preferences (see below).  (Note:  Due to high demand on the part of rising 2Ls, instead of offering Bus Orgs II in the 13-Week Session, we will instead offer Bus Orgs I).

As you may be aware, the University Registrar's Office has already sent out e-mails to all students regarding Web registration for Summer 2009.  Please do not worry that the date for summer enrollment has passed.  Unlike some Fall or Spring courses at the Law School, summer courses rarely, if ever, fill up.  We can typically accommodate all interested students.  I will send out a subsequent notice (next week) when actual enrollment for Summer 2009 Law courses and clinics will commence.

One important preliminary note regarding credit limits.  In Intersession, a student may only take one course (but the one-credit Professional Responsibilities course does not count against this limit).  For the entire Summer Term, Law Students may take a maximum of approximately 16 credits (not counting the Summer Session in Germany).

Three Week Intersession (May 26-June 14):  
Professional Responsibilities 1 cr. [meets PR req.] 815-915 am MTWRF
Civil Procedure II 3 cr. [
meets Juris. Cts. req.] 930 am -1230 pm MTWRF

First Five-week Session (June 15-July 19):
Labor Relations Law 3 cr.  800-1000 am MTWR
Family Law I 3 cr. 1015 am -1215 pm MTWR
Second Five-week Session (July 20-August 23):
Evidence 4 cr. [meets Evidence req.]  800-1015 am MTWRF
Jurisprudence 3 cr. [
meets Legal Process req.] 100-330 pm TWR
Summer Session in Germany (International & Comparative Law)  4 cr. (enrollment by consent only; see Prof Barkan) [participating students may take Intersession and First 5-Week Session courses prior to leaving for Germany]

Thirteen-week Session (May 26-August 23):
[these courses might have slightly longer than normal class sessions in order to finish by late July/early August; instructors will confer about this with enrolled students]
Professional Responsibilities 2 cr  [
meets PR req.] either 320-520 or 430-630 or 530-730 M (see * below)
Business Organizations I 3 cr. 530-730 TR
Negotiations 3 cr. 400-525 TR
Trial Advocacy 2 cr  530-800 W
Cross-Cultural Negotiations: Japan 2 cr. (meeting time varies; enrollment by consent only)

* If interested in this Professional Responsibilities section, please e-mail Joanna Binsfeld (at by Tuesday, April 14th, and advise re whether you would prefer this course to meet on Mondays at 320-520 or 430-630 or 530-730.  We appreciate that the summer work schedules of certain students may necessitate a course that meets later in the day).

Clinical Programs/Courses (require Consent of Instructor)
LAIP (Legal Aid for Institutionalized Persons) (Dickey, Ross) including 3-cr. Law & Correctional Institutions course in Intersession.
Prosecution Project (Kempinen)
Public Defender Project (LaVigne)
Consumer Law Clinic (Orr)
Family Court Assistance Project [FCAP] (Mansfield)
Judicial Internship Program (Schultz)
Neighborhood Law Project [NLP] (Mitch)
WI Dept. of Justice Externship (Kempinen)

Submitted by Kevin Kelly, Assistant Dean (Curriculum) on April 9, 2009

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