2Ls: Board of Bar Examiners Flyer

TO: 2nd-Year University of Wisconsin Law Students

RE: Character and Fitness Certification

Graduates of the University of Wisconsin Law School are required, as part of the diploma
privilege admission process, to file with the Board of Bar Examiners an application for
character and fitness certification. Records indicate that you will be graduating in 2010.
This memorandum is being distributed now to provide you with preliminary information
regarding the application you will be filing next year.

Pursuant to B.A. 14.04, “Applicants for bar admission on the diploma privilege shall file
an application for a character and fitness certification with the Board between the time the
student has completed a minimum of 50 credit hours and 30 days after the J.D. is
conferred. Payment of a late fee will be assessed to spring graduates who have not filed by
December 15, summer graduates who have not filed by March 15, and fall/winter
graduates who have not filed by July 15.”

In mid-to-late October 2009, a flyer with information about filing your application will be
placed in your mail folder if the law school records indicate you are a 3L. If you do not
receive a flyer at the time of distribution, you should contact the Law School Main Office.
If you are away from the law school as a visiting student at the time the flyers are
distributed, you must contact the law school to receive the information.

If you are a December 2009 graduate and have not yet received correspondence from the
Board of Bar Examiners regarding Diploma Privilege, visit our website,
www.wicourts.gov/forms1/bbe.htm for information. Please visit the website as soon as
possible, so you will have time to file prior to the July 15, 2009, deadline, pursuant to B.A.

Feel free to contact the Board staff at any time with questions or concerns you might have
about the application process.


Submitted by Kevin Kelly on October 20, 2008

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