I. Fundamentals

These courses are required:

  • Business Organizations I (817)
  • Business Organizations II (741)
  • Taxation I (742)

II. Core Courses

Students must take at least three of the courses from the following list:

  • Intro to Intellectual Property (753)
  • Accounting and Law (811)
  • Taxation II (840)
  • Securities Regulation (914)
  • Corporate Finance (954)
  • Law & Entrepreneurship Clinic (854)
  • Corporate Governance and Deals Lab (953)

III. Elective Courses

Students are required to take an additional six credits of course work from elective courses related to Business Law:

  • Any Core Course above the minimum three course requirement
  • If taking the Law & Entrepreneurship Clinic (854) for more than one term, up to two additional credits
  • Negotiations/Mediation (743)
  • Real Estate Transactions I (732)
  • Payment Systems (735)
  • Secured Transactions (736)
  • Antitrust (748)
  • Trademark Law (749)
  • Patent Law (751)
  • Copyright Law (752)
  • Advanced Legal Writing: Contract Drafting (808)
  • Bankruptcy (821)
  • International Business Transactions (828)
  • Real Estate Transactions II (838)
  • International Taxation (870)
  • International Trade Law (871)
  • International Commercial Arbitration (918)
  • Taxation of Mergers and Acquisitions (940)
  • ERISA (940)
  • Advising Private Business Owners (953)
  • Transactional IP (953)
  • Transactional LawMeet Competition
  • Law Externship Program or Corporate Legal Department Externship (with prior approval from the faculty advisor)
  • Implications of Developing Technologies on Business and the Law (940)
  • Business law related credits in other graduate schools courses (up to two credits with prior approval from the faculty advisor)
  • Ruby R. Vale Corporate Competition
  • Kaufman Securities Law Competition
  • Saul Lefkowitz Intellectual Property Competition
  • Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot

Student earning a 3.5 cumulative average in at least 18 graded credits fulfilling the Business Law Concentration’s course requirements will receive Honors in the Concentration.  If you believe you qualify for honors in the concentration, you need to submit along with your unofficial transcript a calculation of your GPA in the courses fulfilling the concentration, showing that your cumulative GPA in those courses is 3.5 or higher.

The Concentration requirements and the courses that may count towards the Concentration, may be modified by the faculty advisor in consultation with the business law faculty. 

Questions with respect to the above Concentration requirements should be sent to Professor Yaron Nili at nili@wisc.edu

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