International Law Program

We live in a global society in which new economic, political, and legal issues transcend traditional boundaries and challenge people to solve problems in new ways. The Law School is no stranger to the challenges of globalization.

Sixteen professors devote their scholarship and teaching primarily to international or comparative law, and several other faculty members integrate analysis of foreign legal developments into their domestic law courses. The Law School hosts international students and professors, bringing diverse international perspectives to the classroom, and the university has one of the largest groups of international students in the country. You can also study at one of the many foreign law schools with which the Law School has exchange agreements, create your own foreign study program, or participate in the foreign study programs of other U.S. law schools.

Overview: International and Comparative Law Program

East Asian Legal Studies Center

Global Legal Studies Center (GLS)

Programs for International Students

Resource Guide to International Opportunities

Study Abroad

Wisconsin International Law Journal (WILJ)

Wisconsin International Corporate Governance Initiative (WICGI)

Wisconsin International Law Society (WILS)

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