I. Required courses

  • Real Estate Transactions I (Fall course)
  • Real Estate Transactions II (Spring course)
  • Tax I
  • Selected Problems Land Law: Real Estate Process - meets with Real Estate 706 (Spring course)
  • Business Organizations I (Fall or Spring course)

II. Elective Course

One other elective course required from the following:

    • Environmental Law
    • Bankruptcy
    • Secured Transactions
    • Community Economic Development Law (not currently offered)
    • Rural Community Development Law (not currently offered)
    • Land Use
    • Securities Regulation
    • Residential Property Development (Business School course; Real Estate Process is pre-req)
    • Commercial Property Development (Business School course; Real Estate Process is pre-req)
    • Water Law and Policy (Spring course)
    • Construction Law

Note: December 2015 and May 2016 graduates (only) may count the course Tax II, formerly required for the Concentration, as an elective course for the Concentration. For all other students, Tax II is no longer either required nor an elective under the Concentration.

For December 2011 graduates and thereafter, in order to receive a certificate recognizing that you have satisfied the requirements for the Real Estate Concentration, you must take all of the required courses and at least one of the qualifying elective courses and must receive a grade of at least a C in all of the courses, whether required or elective.

Additional Requirements

Students earning a 3.5 cumulative average in courses fulfilling Real Estate Law Concentration requirements will receive Honors in the Concentration. If you believe you qualify for honors in the concentration, you need to submit along with your transcript a calculation of your GPA in the courses fulfilling the concentration, showing that your cumulative GPA in those courses is 3.5 or higher.

For additional information on the Real Estate Law Concentration contact Associate Dean Kevin Kelly at kevinkelly@wisc.edu, or Academic Affairs Coordinator Lauren Devine at lauren.devine@wisc.edu.

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