University of Wisconsin–Madison

60-Credit Rule courses

20th Century Constitution

Accounting and Law

Accounting for Lawyers

Administration of Criminal Justice

Administration of Trusts and Estates

Administrative Law

Adoption Law and Policy

Advanced Criminal Procedure

Advanced Criminal Procedure: Rep Criminal Appellant

Advanced Legal Writing: Contract Drafting

Advanced Legal Writing: Presenting to a Court

Advanced Substantive Criminal Law

Advanced Topics in Intellectual Property

Advising Private Business Owners

Agricultural Law and the Environment


Antitrust and Economics

Antitrust Law and Intellectual 'Property'

Appellate Advocacy

Appellate Advocacy -- Moot Court

Asset Management & Financial Planning

Bankruptcy Law

Bioethics and the Law

Business of Practicing Law

Business Organizations I

Business Organizations II


Children, Law & Society

Civil Liberties Seminar

Civil Practice Skills: Art Transactions

Civil Procedure I

Civil Procedure II

Civil-Rights Litigation

Claims of Innocence

Climate Change, Human Rights and the Environment

Clinical Programs (maximum of 5 credits total for all clinics taken)

Close Corporations

Closely Held Business

Collective Bargaining Seminar

Collective Bargaining: Arbitration Process

Commercial Property Development

Community Economic Development Law

Community Lawyering

Comparative Family Law

Conflict of Laws

Constitution and Civil Rights

Constitution Law

Constitutional Equality

Constitutional Law I

Constitutional Law II

Constitutional Theory Colloquium

Construction Law

Consumer Issues in Health Care

Consumer Issues in Health Services and Health Care Delivery

Consumer Law

Continuing Issues in PR

Contracts I

Contracts II

Controversies in Marriage, Divorce, and Custody Law

Copyright Law

Corporate Acquisitions & Restructuring

Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance Law

Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance and Deals Lab

Creditors’ and Debtors’ Rights

Crime & Inequality

Criminal Justice Administration

Criminal Law and Political Theory

Criminal Procedure, Introduction to

Cultural Property Law

Current Issues in Affirmative Action

Current Taxation Topics

Defense Functions

Democracy, Disadvantaged Groups, and the Constitution

Disputes Settlement

Doing Legislative History

Domestic Violence

E-Commerce Law

Education Law

Employee Benefits

Employment Discrimination Law [Advanced Practicum]

Energy & Infrastructure Dev: Envir & Human Rights Issues

Environmental Justice

Environmental Law

Environmental Law and Institutions

Environmental Law and Practice

Environmental Litigation

Equal Employment Law (Employment Discrimination)


Estate and Business Planning: Closely Held Business

Estate and Trust Admin and Dispute Resolution

Estate Planning and Admin

Estate Planning, Introduction to

Ethical Issues in Criminal Justice (1 credit)

European Union and National Law: Introduction to German Criminal Law and its Europeanization

European Union Law


Family Law I

Family Law II

Federal Criminal Appeals

Federal Estate and Gift Taxation

Federal Indian Law

Federal Jurisdiction

Federal Justice Issues from 1993-2001

Federal Law & Indian Tribes

Financial Planning & Asset Management

First Amendment

Food & Drug Law

Food Law

Food Systems Law and the Environment

Fourth, Fifth, Sixth Amendments

From Patient to Policy: Models of System Level Advocacy

Fundamentals of Business Transactions (I and II)

Global Commons

Global Tax Policy

Globalization of Capital Markets

Governance of Seas, Polar Regions, and Space

Health Care Fraud and Abuse

Health Law and Administration (Intro to Health Law)

History of Equal Protection

Housing and Community Development

Housing and Economic Development Law

Human Rights

Human Trafficking & Involuntary Servitude

Immigration Law

Implications of Tech Developments on Business & Law

Incarceration and the Family

Income Tax of Real Estate Transactions

Institutions in Constitutional Theory & Practice

Insurance Law

Interdisciplinary Family Law Practice

International Antitrust & Economics

International Business Transactions

International Commercial Arbitration

International Commercial Arbitration Moot

International Environmental Law

International Intellectual Property Law

International Investment Law

International Law

International Law and Development

International Tax

International Trade Law

International Transactions

Introduction to Commercial Law

Introduction to Criminal Procedure

Introduction to Environmental Law

Introduction to Estate Planning

Introduction to Health Care

Introduction to Intellectual Property

Introduction to Patient Advocacy

Introduction to Substantive Criminal Law

Investment Company Regulation

IP Issues for Business Lawyers

Juvenile Justice Administration

Labor Relations Law (“I” and “II”)

Land Use

Land Use Controls

Land Use Planning and Zoning Consistency

Law & Correctional Institutions

Law & Development Seminar

Law and Entrepreneurship

Law and People with Disabilities

Law and the Elderly

Law of Armed Conflict

Law of Democracy

Law of Indian Tribes

Law of Politics: Campaign Finance and Elections

Law, Science and Biotechnology

Lawyering in the Public Interest

Lawyering Skills Course ((Spring Term) maximum of 5 credits applicable to 60 credit rule)

Lawyering Skills: Dispute Resolution - Processes and Skills

Lawyering Skills: Guardian ad Litem Practice

Lawyering Skills: Litigation Writing

Lawyering Skills: Mediation

Lawyering Skills: Mediation Skills and Practice

Lawyering Skills: Pre-Trial Advocacy

Lawyering Skills: Risk Management Skills

Lawyering Skills: Summer Clerkship

Lawyering Skills: Translating Law for Lay Audiences

Lawyering Skills: Understanding Law Practice

Lawyering Skills: Writing Component

Lawyering Skills: Writing for Protective Labor

Legal Aspects of Elementary & Secondary Education (ELPA)

Legal Aspects of Higher Education (ELPA)

Legal Aspects of Special Education & Pupil Services (ELPA)

Legal Foundations of Special Education & Pupil Services (ELPA)

Legal Foundations of Special Education (ELPA)

Legal Process

Legal Process: Advanced Legal Analysis/Law & Economics

Legal Profession (l credit)


Legislation/ Statutory Interpretation

Limited Liability Corporations

Litigation in Criminal Cases

Local Government Law

Making of Brown v. Board of Education

Marital Property

Mental Health Law

NAFTA Seminar

Natural Resources Law




New Approaches to Regulation: Law and Policy

New Governance and Transformation of Law

NLRB Seminar

Nonprofit & Philanthropic Organizations

Past, Present, Future of Reproductive Freedom

Patent Law

Patent Prosecution

Patent Skills

Patient-Centered Care Providers

Patients' Rights


Planning Techniques for Taxable Estates

Political Law: Campaign Finance, Ethics, and Elections

Politics and Equality

Post-Conviction Remedies

Pre-Trial Advocacy

Privacy Law in the Information Age

Problems in Consumer Law

Product Safety Law

Prof. Liability and Responsibilities

Professional Responsibilities (1 credit)


Property Law & Rural Development

Property Law, Rural Development & Asset Building

Prosecution Function

Protective Labor Legislation

Public Health Law

Public Law & Private Power

Public School Law (ELPA)

Public Sector Labor Law

Race, Poverty & Criminal Justice

Real Estate Process

Real Estate Transactions I

Real Estate Transactions II

Regulated Industries

Regulated Industries: Energy

Regulated Industries: Energy Law Workshop

Regulatory Reform

Relational Interests Seminar

Religion and the Constitution

Religion Clauses


Renewable Resources

Research and Administrative Issues in Taxation

Research Seminar

Residential Property Development

Retirement Assets

Rights & Responsibilities in Health Care

Role of the Police in a Free Society

Secured Transactions

Securities Regulation

Selected Issues International Business Transactions

Sentencing and Corrections

Sex-Based Discrimination

Sexual Orientation and the Constitution

Sexual Orientation and the Law

Sports Law

State and Local Taxation

State Constitutional Law

State Sentencing Advocacy

Substantive Criminal Law, Introduction to

Supreme Court Seminar

Sweatshops and Standards

System Reform: Strategy & Tactics for Innovations in Criminal Justice System

Tax Policy

Tax Treaties

Taxation I (“A” and “B”)

Taxation II

Taxation III

Taxation of Mergers & Acquisitions

Taxation of Partnerships & S Corps

Taxation of Real Estate Transactions

Taxation of Trusts & Estates

Taxation: Concepts for Business & Personal Planning

Telecommunications Law (I and II)

Terrorism & the Laws of War

The Just War

Thurgood Marshall

Tobacco and the Law

Tort Stories

Torts I

Torts II


Transactional IP

Transnational Economic Regulation

Transnational Human Rights

Trial Advocacy (maximum of 4 credits)

Trusts & Estates (I & II)

Unfair Trade Practices

Use of Trusts in Estate Planning

Victims in the Criminal Justice System

Vis Competition

Water Rights Law (Water Law & Policy)

WI Budget Repair Bill

Wisconsin Administrative Law

Wisconsin Constitution and Government Seminar

Wisconsin Negligence Law

Wisconsin Negligence Methodology

Wisconsin State Constitutional Law

Worker's Compensation Law

Wrongful Convictions

WTO/FTA Negotiations

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