The Law School and the Political Science Department at the University of Wisconsin invite students to participate in a dual-degree program through which students may earn both a J.D. and a PhD in Political Science with a course of study and writing requiring approximately seven years to complete.

Possible Degree Combinations

J.D. and PhD in Political Science

Areas of Study

The course of study is flexible, permitting a student, in consultation with faculty advisors, to develop a personalized program meeting the student’s individual educational needs.

Admission Procedures & Requirements

For current information about Admission Procedures and Requirements, contact the Department of Political Science.

  • Department of Political Science
    University of Wisconsin-Madison
    110 North Hall
    1050 Bascom Mall
    Madison WI 53706
  • Phone: 608-263-1878
  • Fax: 608-265-2663
  • Website: https://polisci.wisc.edu/dual-program/
  • Contact: Graduate Program Coordinator

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