The Department of Philosophy encourages the combination of philosophy and law. The Department's strengths in Social and Political Philosophy and Ethics can be an important complement to the program of law students interested in law and society or legal ethics. The Department also enjoys strengths in more traditional areas such as Continental Philosophy and Ancient Philosophy. It is anticipated that students in the dual degree program will take preliminary examinations in either Social and Political Philosophy or Ethics as the primary area, or else have a special primary area of Philosophy of Law, though this is not required. The primary and secondary areas can be any other areas recognized by the Department.

Possible Degree Combinations

Admission Procedures & Requirements

For current information about admission procedures and requirements, contact:

Department of Philosophy
University of Wisconsin-Madison
5185 Helen C. White Hall
600 North Park Street
Madison, WI 53706
Phone: 608-263-3700

Contact: Professor Lester Hunt, lhhunt@wisc.edu, phone 263-5956

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