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Marital Property, Taxation, and Estate Planning in Wisconsin

by Professor Howard S. Erlanger

1991 edition, 190 pages, $35.00

This publication provides an introduction to taxation of marital property in estate planning in Wisconsin. It is intended for the general practitioner and nontax specialist, as well as for the lawyer who may be familiar with tax principles but not with marital property rules.

This book:

  • Contains numerous examples of problems and proposed solutions
  • Suggests planning techniques and strategies
  • Analyzes marital property case law and statutory law and identifies practical questions not clearly answered by existing law
  • Contains Department of Revenue marital property publications and position papers
  • Contains relevant IRS rulings

Contents include:

Chapter 1: Income Tax Basis

  • Adjustment or No Adjustment
  • Joint Tenancy and Tenancy in Common
  • Survivorship Marital Property
  • Mixed Property
  • Deferred Marital Property
  • Transfers Within One Year of Death
  • Income in Respect of a Decedent
  • Partnership Interests
  • Depreciation of Former Marital Property Following Death

Chapter 2: Reclassification of Property

  • Immediate Tax Consequences
  • Planning Techniques and Precautions

Chapter 3: Life Insurance

  • Classification of Life Insurance
  • Taxation of Life Insurance
  • Life Insurance Trusts and Retained Interests
  • Warning to Practitioners

Chapter 4: Problems in Irrevocable Coordinated Plans

  • Will Substitute Agreements
  • "Forced Choice"

Chapter 5: Income and Transfer Tax Consequences of Gifts of Marital Property

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