by Debra P. Conrad, Cori Lamont, Tracy Rucka, Scott Minter

2012 edition, 239 pages, $30.00

This popular handbook is a basic and current source book for drafting clause language and other common contractual provisions in real estate transactions. The handbook contains sample clauses dealing with issues raised in contemporary real estate transactions. The new edition is an up-to-date collection of contract clauses which are typically inserted into real estate offers to purchase. Also included in this handbook are checklists and advice to follow in the drafting of offers and counteroffers. The 2012 edition adds 136 new clauses to bring the total number of suggested clauses to 266. The updated text discusses the revised offers to purchase approved by the Wisconsin Real Estate Examining Board.  Offers to purchase and other forms approved by the board are included as appendices, along with Wisconsin REALTORS® Association preprinted addenda containing contingencies.

Chapter I: Drafting Considerations and Advice

Chapter II: Sample Clauses: Agency Agreements

Chapter III: Sample Clauses: Offer to Purchase and Other Contracts

Chapter IV: Sample Clauses: Representations and Disclosures

Chapter V: Sample Clauses: Broker Disclosures

Chapter VI: Sample Clauses: Condominium Provisions

Chapter VII: Sample Clauses: Short Sale Provisions

Chapter VIII: Sample Clauses: Rental Properties

Chapter IX: Sample Clauses: Commercial and Business Offer Provisions

Appendix: Forms & Regulations

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