As one of the first law schools to initiate a clinical program, UW Law School is committed to practical experience as a part of legal education. The Frank J. Remington Center and the Economic Justice Institute were among the school's first clinical programs. Over the years, UW Law has strengthened and increased the number of clinical opportunities it provides.

Hands-on lawyering experiences with real people

Clinics provide students with hands-on lawyering experiences with real people—clients, victims, witnesses, family members, lawyers, and judges—enhancing student understanding of the roles and responsibilities of practicing attorneys.

Under the supervision of clinical professors or supervising attorneys, students interview clients, perform factual investigations, conduct legal research, prepare client letters, draft legal documents, and write briefs.

The clinic information below applies during the 2021-22 academic year

The Law School is in the process of working with clinical faculty and consulting with students to expand clinical options for our students.

Our long-term goal is to offer a clinic opportunity to all students who want one. We also hope to provide students with more academic flexibility in choosing credit hours and possible enrollment—in summer, fall, and/or spring. More information to come.


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