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The anticipated tuition amounts below are based on the 2019-2020 academic year for international and non-resident students.

2019-2020 Anticipated Tuition and Costs

Expenses Amount
Tuition & Fees $44,214
Living Expenses $19,051

To view current tuition rates, visit the UW Office of the Registrar - Tuition Rates. Select the semester and choose the "Law and Graduate combined" student program.

Student Health Insurance Plan - Yearly Rates for International Students

Coverage for 25 years & under 26 years & above
Student only  $1,392 $2,076
Student + spouse/partner $4,512 $5,796
Student + child $4,128 $5,352
Student + family $7,176 $8,988

(Insurance plan rates are based on student's age as of August 15, 2018)

Student health insurance is mandatory for international students. For more information on health insurance rates for international students (and dependents), view the International Student Plan Summary of Benefits (PDF). For more student health insurance information, visit the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP).

Resources From the International Student Services Office

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