The following budgets are estimated expenses for UW Law School Graduate Programs students during the academic year. Actual expenses vary based on student lifestyle. These budgets are updated annually in August for the upcoming academic year.

Standard Student Expense Budget for Academic Year 2021-2022

The Standard Student Expense Budget (or "cost of attendance") represents the maximum estimated expenses that a law student will incur during the academic year. This budget assumes you are living alone in a one bedroom apartment, and includes health insurance. First-year law students have an additional $1,000 added to their budget for the purchase of a computer. Please visit the Office of Student Financial Aid's website for further information about each expense category

Expenses Non-Resident & International Students Wisconsin Resident
Tuition & Fees



Books & supplies $2,450 $2,450
Room & Board $14,122 $14,122
Miscellaneous $5,824 $5,824
Transportation $782 $782
Total $72,156 $53,460

Tuition & Fees

Your tuition rate will be determined by a number of factors, including your academic program, your credit load, and your residency determination. Please visit the Bursar's Office's website for further information about tuition and fees

The Board of Regents sets tuition rates by early August for the upcoming academic year. Tuition and fees rates are subject to change. Please visit the Madison Budget Office's website to view tuition and fees rate history.

Tuition Due Dates & Payment Methods

Please visit the Bursar's Office's website for tuition due datestuition payment methods, and other tuition account information

Student Health Insurance Plan - Yearly Rates for International Students

Enrollment into the Student Health Insurance Plan is mandatory for international students. Below are annual health insurance rates for 2021-2022:

(Insurance plan rates are based on the student's age as of August 15, 2021- the beginning of the plan year)

For more information on student health insurance for international students (and dependents), view the International Student Plan Summary of Benefits (PDF)

Coverage for 25 years & under 26 years & above
Student only  $1,476 $2,208
Student + spouse/partner $4,644 $5,964
Student + child $4,188 $5,508
Student + family $7,392 $9,240

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