Best Brief Competition

The Best Brief Competition is an annual event in which the Legal Research & Writing faculty select the best  briefs written by their students.  The winner is chosen by a panel of Wisconsin attorneys and a panel of law school faculty. 

2014 Best Brief Winner

LR&W Professor Margaret Baumgartner; Winner Catherine E. White; Dean Margaret Raymond.

Previous Winners:

 2013 Best Brief Winner - 1L

Dean Margaret Raymond; Winner Daniel Poniatowski, Class of 2015; LR&W Professor Margaret Baumgartner.

2012-2013 Best Brief Winner - 2L

LR&W Professor Timothy Barber; Winner Bryce A. Schoenborn, Class of 2014; Dean Margaret Raymond.

2011 Best Brief Winner


Dean Margaret Raymond; Winner Brian McCall, Class of 2013; LR&W Professor Margaret Baumgartner. 

2010 Best Brief Winner


LR&W Professor Deborah Moritz; Winner David W. Staple, Class of 2013; Dean Kenneth B. Davis.

2009 Best Brief Winner

Winner Kyle Fry, Class of 2011; Dean Kenneth B. Davis; LR&W Professor Mullen Dowdal.

2008 Best Brief Winner

Winner Ryan Masse, class of 2010; LR&W Professor Margaret Baumgartner; Dean Kenneth B. Davis. 

2007 Best Brief Winner

LR&W Professor Margaret Baumgartner; Winner Emily Gold, class of 2009; Dean Kenneth B. Davis; Susan Steingass, (former) Director of Communication & Advocacy Program

Not pictured: Deborah Moritz, spring semester LR&W Professor.

2006 Best Brief Winner

Kenneth B. Davis, Dean; Winner Eric Huston, class of 2008; LR&W Professor Margaret Baumgartner. 

2005 Best Brief Winner

Susan Steingass, (former) Director of Communication and Advocacy Program; Winner Crystal Uebelher, Class of 2007; LR&W Professor Virginia Hayes; Kenneth B. Davis, Dean; LR&W Professor Emily Kokie.

2004 Best Brief Winner

Winner: David Connally, class of 2006
LR&W Professors: Virginia Hayes, fall semester; Scott Peterson, spring semester.

2003 Best Brief Winner

Winner: Laura Schulteis, class of 2005
LR&W Professors: Joy Burkholder, fall semester; Shunette Campbell, spring semester.

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