Ryan Poe-Gavlinski has been named the inaugural deputy director of University of Wisconsin Law School’s Economic Justice Institute (EJI).

“Being named deputy director of EJI means a lot to me as it shows that our administration and colleagues trust me to do this work and support me in my leadership growth,” she said. 

In taking on the one-year appointment as EJI’s deputy director, Poe-Gavlinski is most excited about developing the position and providing “much needed” support to EJI’s Director Mitch

“I look forward to the challenge of learning new leadership and management skills, particularly learning to manage a law school clinical program,” she added. “I hope to accomplish the trust of my colleagues as a leader and a good manager.”

When Mitch became the director of EJI in 2019, UW Law had four clinics, five staff and about 26 clinical students.

“In the last few years, EJI has grown and now encompasses six clinics, 10 staff and nearly 60 clinical students," said Mitch. "Ryan’s tireless work is a large part of the reason for our growth, and I could not be more thrilled to continue working with her in her expanded role as deputy director.”

EJI is home to the UW Law School’s six civil, anti-poverty clinical programs, the Consumer Law Clinic, Eviction Defense Clinic, Family Court Clinic, Immigrant Justice Clinic, Neighborhood Law Clinic and the Restraining Order & Survivor Advocacy Clinic.

In addition to her new role with EJI, effective July 1, 2023, Poe-Gavlinski also serves as director of the Restraining Order and Survivor Advocacy Clinic (ROSA) and the director of the Lawyering Skills program

Before joining UW Law School in 2018, Poe-Gavlinski worked for the Department of Child Services for the State of Indiana, Legal Aid of West Virginia and the Law Offices of the Public Defender for Riverside County, California. Her focus areas have included poverty law, criminal defense for both minors and adults, family law and other civil legal matters in assisting victims of intimate partner violence and child welfare law.  

The Restraining Order and Survivor Advocacy Clinic, formally known as the VOCA Restraining Order Clinic, received the Innovator of the Year Award in 2019 from the Wisconsin State Bar. In addition, Poe-Gavlinski received a 2020 Crime Victim Service Award Honorable Mention for Outstanding Victim Advocacy from the Wisconsin Victim/Witness Professional Association, and in 2023, the Restraining Order Clinic was awarded Outstanding Victim Advocacy by a Business Organization.

Article by Kassandra Tuten, University of Wisconsin Law School External Affairs

Submitted by Law School News on November 16, 2023

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