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NBC-TV airs Restorative Justice Project students facilitating victim-attacker meeting

NBC’s Channel 15 news aired a segment on Wednesday, March 11, 2009, filmed when UW Law School clinical professor Peter DeWind and his students in the Restorative Justice Project facilitated a yearly meeting between Jackie Millar, a severely injured victim, and the two men (then juveniles) who shot her and left her for dead in 1995.

After the attack, Millar remained in a coma for weeks with a 2 percent chance of survival. She survived, now leading a life forever altered by the attack.

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In 1997, Bruce Kittle, DeWind’s predecessor and founder of the Restorative Justice Project, facilitated the first meeting between Jackie and her convicted attackers. DeWind and his students have facilitated and attended yearly meetings since 2000.

The Restorative Justice Project is a clinical program within the University of Wisconsin Law School’s Frank J. Remington Center: .


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