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Did you know you can donate to charity simply by using a search engine?  These click and donate sites are designed for charitable giving.  Some of these sites donate part of their advertising revenue to charity whenever you use their search engine or when you click on an advertisement from their home page, while other search engines donate when you link to a store's website.  The store then donates to a charity of your choice. Some charity search engines can also be set up to send you an email reminder to search daily, growing your donation daily. 

Although, a bit of a caveat on the size of donations, according to an article in Slate Magazine, Do Click and Donate Sites Help? these sites will never amount to a large donation no matter how often you use them.  To really make a difference for a charity you should donate the old-fashioned way.  But that doesn't mean you shouldn't use these sites for charitable giving, after all--as the saying goes--every little bit helps

Charity Search Engines & Charitable Sites is a search engine based out of Los Angeles, California and founded by a brother and sister, Ken and J.J. Ramberg. donates money to charities by giving away a portion of their advertising revenue to charities every time a user clicks on a sponsor's advertisement. This site is powered by Yahoo! so you should get the same high-quality results you expect from a Yahoo! search.

How to Donate
: On the homepage you select charities that you wish your donation to go to from a pull-down menu box. - This website is also powered by Yahoo! and has over 800,000 charities to choose from.  You can shop from this site as well, the site takes you directly to the store's website and promises to be as secure as the store's site. 

Charitable Sites

With the exception of Amazon Smile, which gives you a choice of charities, each time you click on one of the websites listed below a donation is made to that specific charity. You will need to click on the donate buttons on their homepage to make a donation.

Outside the United States  was founded by consultants in the U.K. and lists many U.K. charities that you can select for a donation whenever you use this site to search. You can also shop, search, donate or sponsor an organization from this site.

Evaluating Charities

Charity Navigator is a website that is designed to evaluate charities.  This site also provides articles and information on how to make the most of your donations.  To learn more about how to be a better donator read:Top 10 Best Practices of Savvy Donors. 

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