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United States Supreme Court Briefs

Traditionally, US Supreme Court Briefs were located in libraries in two formats, print and microfiche.  They still are, but databases are replacing those traditional resources.  Here is a list of where to locate US Supreme Court briefs ...

Posted Jan 16, 2019 by Jenny Zook, Reference Librarian

Twelve Tips of Winter Break Wellness

You've spent the semester staying up late studying, editing papers, skipping workouts, eating junk food or skipping meals entirely, it's time for: The Twelve tips of winter wellness 1.  Wash your hands frequently - Keep germs at ...

Posted Dec 18, 2018 by Jenny Zook, Reference Librarian

Insider tips on the best places to study in the Law Library

We are now in the midst of the Finals push, and the finish line is in sight. However, you may be getting a bit...tired...burned out...stressed. Well, one great way to shake those feelings as you wrap up is to go for a change in scenery. Maybe yo ...

Posted Dec 13, 2018 by Kristopher Turner

Research in Foreign Law: Getting Started

Are you looking for a Code or statute from from a country outside the U.S. and don't know where to start? Foreign Law Guide (BrillOnline Reference Works) will most likely be a helpful and important first step. It provides essential information ...

Posted Dec 5, 2018 by Sunil Rao,

Ten Quick Tips for Studying for Law School Exams

   Ten Quick Tips for Studying for Law School Exams Do your own thing . Don’t worry about what your classmates or friends are doing- focus on yourself and how you study best. (Of course, be honest with yourself and don& ...

Posted Dec 3, 2018 by Emma E Babler

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