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Research like a pro with PowerNotes

As the end of the semester approaches, you may be in search of a powerful but simple tool that allows you to annotate your notes, cites and works across platforms...if that sounds like I am talking a very specific tool that does all this, that i ...

Posted Dec 5, 2017 by Kristopher Turner

Researching Chinese Law in English

If you are looking for a resource for Chinese law in English, you may be in luck. The law library subscribes to Lawinfochina , one of the prominent databases offering access to Chinese legal information. Coverage of legislation and regulations i ...

Posted Nov 29, 2017 by Sunil Rao,

Immigration Law Resources

Immigration law is a hot topic nowadays.  It affects millions of people in this country, and is a very complicated area of law. This week's column introduces you to five titles on the topic available at the UW Law Library. 1) Austin T. Frag ...

Posted Nov 22, 2017 by Eric Taylor, Evening Reference Librarian

Library Resources: Study Aids, Exam Archives, Study Rooms & Quiet Places to Study

Establishing limited access hours a few weeks before exam period to create quiet study areas isn't the only way that the law library supports students who are preparing for exams.  The library also provides a research guide of popular legal ...

Posted Nov 15, 2017 by Jenny Zook, Reference Librarian

Doing the Circuit Splits

What is a circuit split? Rather than a delicious banana and ice cream dessert or a gymnastics move not for the flexibility challenged, a circuit split is a term to describe what happens when “two or more circuits in the U.S. Court of Appeals r ...

Posted Nov 9, 2017 by Emma E Babler

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