If you've been near the Dean's office (on the 5th floor of the Law building) lately, you may have noticed something new- a bright, shiny new digital sign. 

Known as the "Dean's Digital Sign," this sign showcases recent UW Law School faculty scholarship. It is updated and maintained by one of our reference librarians, who chooses 10 articles quarterly to show off some of our faculty and staff's recent publications. 

When you see the sign, it will rotate between the 10 recent articles, including a photo of the faculty or staff member, the title of the article or book and where it was published, and a QR code for easy reading of the article (linking directly to our UW Law Repository or SSRN). 

While using the UW Law Repository is handy for finding any faculty articles or book chapters, it can be overwhelming with the thousands of things our faculty have written! The Dean's Sign can give you a quick taste of recent scholarship and an easy way to access it. Plus, it's fun to see what our faculty and staff have been up to, writing-wise. 

The slide at the top of this article with Prof. Huneeus' recent article is only one example of the many articles and book chapters we've featured. We recommend taking a little walk over by the Dean's office and checking it out! 

Submitted by Babler,Emma on November 30, 2023

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